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Visionary Web Copywriting & Online Video Scriptwriting SAMPLES


1. Redcross Johnson & Associates

2.  Granville Millinery 

(Shawna Johnson, Managing Partner --

Redcross Johnson & Associates, LLC)



SAMPLE 1 - Redcross Johnson & Associates, LLC




FREE Conference Call Invitation for 09/28/2011 12:00 P.M.

Let's face it, when we hear the words

"financial record-keeping" many of us get a

glazed-over look.  Or, our cluttered brains

head straight for the hills.  Don't let your

fears drown your finances.


Effective record-keeping is what we all need to stay afloat in this turbulent economy.  You don't know when the next big wave could wipe you out.  Knowing how to keep good financial records will give you that life vest that will float you even over a financial tsunami.

No financial legalese and confusing                   language found here.

You'll love this plain-english, easy-to-learn approach.

Shawna Johnson, CPA of Redcross Johnson & Associates,LLC  takes a common-sense approach, minus the legalese. 

She holds your timid hand and teaches you the tips you'll need to keep your business/organization or household on the right financial track.  

AND IT'S FREE!  That's what I said.  FREE!  What's a few minutes out of your day that will cost you not one penny.   And most likely, this easy-to-learn approach will add more dollars to your income/revenue.

On the other side of that coin, ignorance can                   cost you dearly. 

Great, I've got your attention.  And guess what? You can even ask questions ...for free!  You'll get answers from a CPA with over 17 years experience.

What do you have to lose?  


So ditch your lunch plans on Wednesday, and join her from noon to 12:40.  Or grab a Panini before the designated teleconference time. 

Take the time to get educated in this easy-to-learn approach to effective record-keeping.  Record-keeping that will produce good financial seeds and grow on less than fertile economic soil.  

Can't make it at the time below? 

Not to worry... Ms. Johnson will hold these informative teleconference calls periodically throughout the year.

But why wait?  The Financial Wake-up Alarm is buzzing now!

So back away from the snooze alarm!



 PLBDI Gets You a Click Inside, It Begins Here...



Granville Millinery Studio


SAMPLE 2 - Granville Millinery Company

Subject Line:

You’re no clone, so why should your hat be one? 



Dear Granville Millinery friend,


“Make sure you wear the hat and it doesn’t wear you.”  


Too late, that old adage haunts you as you

gaze into the mirror, frowning at your new

hat.  What was I thinking, you murmur at

your reflection.   The problem is, you’ve seen

this hat before—often. 


You can’t ignore the flaws you missed when

you tried it on in the store.  It can't be the

same hat you drooled over from an

e-commerce site.  Now, it’s too big, the 

color’s all wrong and you're already shedding



Yes, the hat’s now wearing you.


Why can’t I have a hat that reflects

meA one-of-a-kind... because I'm

definitely no clone. 


Problem Solved.


Create your own distinctive hat in the millinery studio of renown Hat Artist/Milliner and Owner of Granville Millinery Company, Amy Hamilton, with her as your teacher. 


You've most likely seen Hamilton's striking hats in movies and in “O” Magazine, "Vogue" and many more. 


No Prior Experience Required


A one-day or two-day Beginner’s Workshop awaits you at Skipping Rock Farm Artist Retreat.  Unleash your creativity on six acres of lush farmland tucked away in Central Ohio. (Workshop Fees:  $200 on Saturday, $400 for Saturday and Sunday – maximum – 4 participants)


Inside Amy’s 1859 restored farmhouse studio, you'll feel like you just  stepped into a 19th Century French Atelier.  Your eyes will feast on her vintage hat blocks and collection of 1920s-1940s-inspired hats from cloches to fascinators, displayed in arched built-ins.


Of course, what would an atelier be without a beautiful chandelier holding center court? 


Amy's distinctive hats are easy to spot... at weddings, The Kentucky Derby... on the heads of celebrities and the Average Joan next door.


On Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you’ll block and construct a small-brimmed straw hat from start-to-finish. 


Sunday, you'll block and construct a small-brimmed wool hat.  Look at you now! 


You’ll leave this rewarding experience with a one-of-a-kind hat you made yourself.  Cost includes materials and lunch. 


But we have to warn you.  Granville Millinery Company's hat-making workshop is like eating a really good chocolate chip cookie.   You’ll want another and another. 


So go ahead ...have another cookie.


Once you're enjoying the Granville Millinery original you created, you'll be ready for the next bite.


The Intermediate Workshop takes you to a more challenging hat. On Saturday, Amy teaches you how to construct a brim andncrown separately with different weaves and colors. 


You’ll also hand-tool silk flowers for added panache.  ($250 – maximum three participants) You’ll finish your dual-textured hat on Sunday and also block a wool hat. 


But it doesn’t stop there!


Fashionistas who want to hone their skills further, or start a millinery business can take the Advanced Workshop.  (a one-day, private instruction class by appointment - $400)


Reserve your designer's seat today! 

Call:  740-587-3580740-587-3580.


 "It was such a pleasure watching you create your designs, seeing the hat molds and previewing your Fall Collection was all so exciting.  I love my hat!  I felt I had stepped into the pages to a dream issue of Contemporary Country Living Magazine.”



Hang around a little longer and see an entertaining way to fulfill a need and get a sale!





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