Perfect Little Black Dress Ink

Web Copywriting &                          Online Video Scriptwriting with Pizzazz!    

(Barbie Basic Black Collection)


Energized Web Marketing 


Well Done Mattel!  

What Better Way to Market Barbie's Little

Black Dress Collection than with Barbies

Wearing Perfect Little Black Dresses. 




Like Barbie, We've Got the SMR Appeal!


Here's where it really gets exciting!

            SMR's what we call copy that…

 SUSTAINS interest to continue reading  MAINTAINS attention until your call-to-action  RETAINS repeat customer business




Here's How We Can Get Your  Product/Service Attention With...





     You always want to stay in the minds of potential customers.  Intriguing Emails/Auto-Responders get you regular visits with prospects and customers.  This way, they'll never miss your terrific deals.  


You Had Me at the Subject Line


Redcross Johnson & Associates, LLC - SAMPLE 1


    You meet potential customers where they live, starting with an intriguing subject line

Make sure it tickles their curiosity and draws them to click it open.  Okay, you just bought yourself another five seconds. (a second glance).  What's next for your email?


Pass the Mustard Please


     It finds a seat across from your prospect's desk.  Stands with him at the coffee truck. Tags along with her on a sales call.  Hands him the organic mustard for his sandwich get the idea.  


(Agape Food Truck - Austrailia) 


     Your product/service meets prospects where they are, answering the million dollar question:                                                         "What's in it for me?"  

"How will your product or service improve my business way of       life?"

Granville Millinery Company - SAMPLE 2


Copy that Gets Prospects to the Right Stop




    PLBDI's commitment to the "Five-Second Rule" won't let your prospect's attention go anywhere else, but to your call-to-action.  

But wait, let's stretch this "Five-Fifteen Seconds Rule" concept even further and...


Do the Unexpected with Our Ground Breaking

Online Video Scriptwriting for Web Marketing



Here's another exciting way we'll reach your customers on the web via dramatic Online Video Marketing.  We'll tell your story in an unexpected way that stands out from the business next door. 


You start with a powerful video script that persuades your customers to act now.


 The Complete Wedding Package  -       Script Sample 1


 A Financial Resuscitation at the Donut Shop (iPad Video) - Script Sample 2                            


We'll Also Get them to Your Website with Personalized Landing Pages and Content that Keeps Customers There.  It caters to their needs. 

Website Samples:  

Nuss & Associates Inc.

Redcross Johnson & Associates

 Call:  215 247-7642

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