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Who We are...                                  


It's official, we've become The Jetsons. 

Okay, minus the flying cars and robot maids named Rosie. But they're probably not too far off.


  (The Jetsons - Wikipedia                                                                  


A quick touch of a screen--we get meals from PF Chang's. 

A click of a mouse, we get dates from any 

We even work in our PJs for companies across the globe from linen-closets-turned-offices.

Kidpreneurs have landed in the marketplace with ideas that'll impact society far into the next Millennium.  Facebook Creator and Former Whiz Kid, Mark Zuckerberg, leads this impressive pack.


Yes, Virginia ...we live fast-paced lives and yes, the sky is blue. 

They're both our realities. 

But, distractions are everywhere. 


OUR "FIVE-FIFTEEN RULE" STARES DOWN DISTRACTIONS seizing that first glance, so the next one doesn't click away.  It makes sense.  There's no risk of that happening when your copy meets prospects where they are. 

We'll connect your business with customers in a way that shows them you're walking beside them, anticipating their needs. 

We're excited about the future of green products and services.  We're happy to create innovative marketing for trailblazers who are kind to the environment.  

(Lindal Dwell Green Home)


A Virtual Competitive Edge


Today's success comes with a virtual, competitive edge. 

A You Tube video lets an owner of an App Technology Start-up watch employees work efficiently at eco-friendly workstations. 


 (One Workplace)

Online videos are the perfect marketing tool to increase your customer base.

We're also quick to put on our entertainment hats and write animation scripts. 



This also gives us a birds-eye view into the marketing needs of animation companies. 

Inc. Magazine predicts that "by 2014, the smartphone-app market will total more than $40 billion."   Many will be used to find new customers and deepen relationships with existing customers. 


Are you ready?

It's no secret, technology has taken music, animation and gaming into a new Star Trek realm.  




We're excited about boldly going where there's a new discovery every day in this digital world of what-ifs.



 (Cartoon by Floating Pear Productions. LLC,)


Perfect Little Black Dress Ink is happy to become your marketing Number One and make it so!   Let's energize your projects together!


 Gayle Herbert Robinson, Creative Director

Senior Copywriter/Online Video Scriptwriter 


Call:  215 247-7642 

















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