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 An-i-mate - Adjective                     Meaning - Full of life                     Synonym - Snappy, Lively, Energetic...

Because We Obey the  Marketing Sweet Spot aka    the 5:15 Rule. 

Ah, You're Intrigued.  Great! 


 (BreakFast at Tiffany's)

We Won't Throw Away a Perfectly Good Glance that Could Be Gone in Five to 15 Seconds.

We'll Seize that Profitable Sweet Spot and Make it Yours...

Not Wrap it in a Tiffany Box and Gift it to your Competition.  


Our Marketing Muse is the LBD, which makes dollars and sense.

What began as women's intuition, flourished into Coco Chanel's "Perfect Little Black Dress."                                                                                               

This simple LBD seized generations of first glances from men and women since 1926--and never left a woman's closet.

You'd be hard pressed not to find one hanging in a baby's nursery stained with apple sauce ...or in a tween's closet, glowing with glitter.                                      

                                                               Now, imagine your product/service as a reliable staple like the LBD.

                    You are…great!

There's no reason why your Next Generation products/services can't become a reliable staple for your customers too. 

You Get There via the "Five-Second Rule."

It's not complicated.

You get that all-powerful first glance with an SEO boost and a compelling reason for prospects to continue. How?               1.  You solve a problem.                       2.  You fulfill a need.                          3. Or you meet a desire.

You Simply Meet Prospects Where They Are.  That's the secret!

Your marketing web copy stands out because it puts your product/service smack dab in the middle of their business or life.

Would you click away from a problem solved, a need  fulfilled, a desire met in your life?  Neither would we.

We go outside the cookie jar to bring that five-second glance inside to a sale. And, we don't just color outside the lines of possibility, we create them. 


 Maria Pilipenko - Caricaturist

One powerful glance became a click, then a sale...that turned into a business staple, like the perfect little black dress.


Get comfy with Perfect Little Black Dress Ink's affordable web copywriting and online video scriptwriting.  We'll give customers a reason to act again and again.


  Because they're the stars of your universe. Your focus is on surpassing their needs.


       Ah,  you're smiling like that picture.  So do we.  Let's make it happen together.    

We'll leave the creative light on for you!

Call:  215 247-7642


Next Generation Marketing:                                    
  • Animation
  • Technology                   
  • Fashion
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Architecture
  • Fitness, Health & 
  • Wellness
  • B2B & B2C


Call:  215 247-7642


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